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Private Transfer from Venice Port to Venice City Centre with Low Costs Limousine Company

If you or your Guests are coming from the Port of Venice, with a Cruise Ship, and you would like to reach the Main Center of Venice City we can help you with our Private Water Taxi Services.

Coming from the Port usually a lot of Cruise Ships dock in the center of the Port and the Guests will be desembarked through the Main Terminal (Terminal Number 107 and 108).

In order to meet you or your Guests at the Port, just outside the Main Terminal we could provide two different options. The first is employ a Professional Assistant (Tour Leader) who will meet you in this point, he will have a page/board with your name and logo on it. He will assist with your luggage and he will escort you to the main Dock where the Water Taxi Boat will come just in 10 minutes. With this service you will not have to wait with other guests in the queue. Our Water Taxi boat (Fully Licenced) is a Private Transfer just for you and your Family, so when our Boat will be docked at the pier and you will be ready, you can go onboard and start this little journey to your Hotel, Apartment or other destination in Venice Area.

The Other Option could be employ one Luxury Vehicle, Mercedes Sedan or Van or MiniBus, with one Professional Limousine Driver in order to meet you at the Terminal. Also the Driver will wait for you or your Guests with the Page/Board printed with your name and logo. He will meet you, assist you and drive you with the Luxury Vehicle to Piazzale Roma.

Then in Piazzale Roma the Professional Driver will assist you in order to reach the pier where our Water Taxi Boat will be ready for your transfer.

Usually we suggest this point for your embarcation because a lot of Guests coming from the Cruise Ship crowd the Main Pier at the Port.

In Venice City Area there are two different Ports, one is the MARITTIMA Port and the Second one is SAN BASILIO Port. We suggest you and to your Guests to check before with your travel agent which is the Port where the Cruise Ship will be docked. Usually our Water Taxi Company will check all the time in which Port the Cruise Ship will be docked but in order to be sure that our information match to each other is better to do a double check.

There is a Web Site here in Italy where you can find a lot of information about the Touristic Port, the link of this web site is http://www.vtp.it/ or you can also call them before by telephone: +39 041 240 30 00.

If you would like to receive our Quotes for your Private Transfer from the Port please send us an Email or fill our Form in our Contacts Page. Our Main Email is lowcostslimousine@gmail.com

Private Limousine Service from Treviso TSF Antonio Canova Sant’Angelo Airport to Venice Piazzale Roma at the Best Price?!

Dear Guests,

are you looking for the Best Quotes for a Private Limousine Service (Transfer) from Treviso TSF Antonio Canova Sant’Angelo Airport to Venice Piazzale Roma? or Mestre City? yes? With Our Limousine Company you will find the Best Quotes of the Market! here in our Area. The Private Transfer with one Standard Sedan costs in Total 45 Euros with taxes included. No Extra Costs or fees! This is our Special Limousine GIFT for all the Clients that need a Limousine Transfer from Treviso Airport. Booking our Service the Limousine Driver will meet you inside the Arrival Hall, This Special Price is for a Private Service so the quote is for Vehicle! Send us an Email now! (lowcostslimousine@gmail.com). The Offer is limited in time.