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Primary information regarding Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport and its services in Italy.

Inside Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport you will find different points where you can meet your Limousine Driver, the Taxi Driver or the Bus Driver. When you exit from the Arrival Hall in front of you will find two separate lanes, usually the firt one is dedicated to the taxi drivers, the second lane is for Limousine Services and Limo Bussess or Seasonal Coaches Companies for different kind of routes. The Taxi Drivers as the Limousine & Bussess Drivers have to be Really Fully Licenced, with a special Licence Guide and registered in a Italian Pubblic Register name “Inscrizione al ruolo”.

Usually the Limousine Drivers wait the Guests inside the Arrival Hall in Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport, usually they have one page/board with the name of the Guests they are waiting for. If you are not able to recognize your Limousine Driver check inside the whole Hall, some Limousine Drivers prefer wait the guests very close to the main horizontal bar present at the centre of the Hall. Other Limousine Drivers prefer to stay more close to the exit doors, so in this case is better to check also in this direction.

The main Web Link of Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport is inside this Web Portal you really find a lot of information related to each category. For example you can also find a link: where is possible to buy your Bus Ticket for reaching Cortina d’Ampezzo……

We think that any Guest has different requests and expectation. For us the Best Service is always through a reliable Limousine Company, so now when you check the price for a Limousine transfer don’t remind, if you want be more sure, please ask also Picture of your Limousine Driver, the number of his Driver licence and the complete name and surname.

With these information you could any time check if your Limousine Driver is Fully Licenced, in which state of Italy and from when.

These are just some quick suggestion to avoid false Limousine and Taxi Drivers.

Have a good Time! and a very Good travel.


Low Costs Limousine Italy Venice



Winter Road to Cortina d'Ampezzo from Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport with Low Costs Limousine Italy Venice.
Winter Road to Cortina d’Ampezzo from Venice VCE Marco Polo Airport with Low Costs Limousine Italy Venice.

Winter & Route to Cortina d'Ampezzo from Venice VCE Airport with Low Costs Limousine Italy Venice.
Winter & Route to Cortina d’Ampezzo from Venice VCE Airport with Low Costs Limousine Italy Venice.

Low Costs Limousine Italy – The Best Prices for ski destionations in Italy

Limousine Service from Venice VCE Airport to Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Dolomites Area

The Season is coming, as soon as possible a lot of Guests will travel to the Dolomites destinations here in Italy and the problem could be…. how can they reach their destionations with taxi or limousine services at the best Prices? The solution is our Company “Low Costs Limousine Italy“. We offer the Best Service at the Best Prices!!!! Always. Guaranteed. AM