Thank you Guests & Friends for reading this article, who we are…. We are a New Limousine Company based in Venice (Mestre) in Veneto Area, in Italy, we have a good know how about this work, Limousine Service, because we had started our Job in 2004. We managed different Limousine Companies in Italy and our Staff is very reliable, operative by Email, Facebook, Whatsapp and Phone (+39 345.240.59.86) 24Hrs per day.

We have chosen to name our New Limousine Company “Low Costs Limousine Italy” because we want guarantee Limousine Services for All. We think that a Limousine could be available for a Low Cost Price as well as for a Very High Price. We Guarantee the same Quality of service, the different is the root or the way of your transfer and the type of Limousine / Sedan that you want to book for your travel.

You can choice for different type of Sedans, Limousines, Vans, Coaches… Standard Type as for example like a Mercedes E-Class Sedan model year 2004/2009 or for a new Mercedes S-Class Long Version model year 2014.

So we suggest you to visit our WordPress Blog and contact our Staff for any type of service you are looking for.

We will reply just in some hours with the Best Solutions for your Travel needs aspectations.

Best Regards from Venice, Mestre.


Low Costs Limousine Italy.

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